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02/16/2011: Updates for Dealership Directory and SEO

We are revamping design and revising the SEO (search engine optimization). There has been quite a few requests to be listed here over the past few months. Styling may seem unimportant for SEO since search engines do not really care for it. This is changing slowly with Google's introduction of snapshot images in results. If you hover over the magnify icon next to an image, Google will show you the image snapshot of the website as it was taken when the page was indexed. Many people are starting to use this. As a result, even if you appear at the #1 spot of search results, people may choose not to come to your website because your design looks unprofessional. Well, hopefully the design of is more pleasing now.

We are also revisiting the SEO for the site in general. The state listings will be updated to have more terms. A few new pages are added. Let us know if you have any recommendations.

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